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You want to launch your own NFT Project but…

I feel like any time I use the word “but” in a title of a blog or podcast I have to tap into my inner “Pager-wearing millennial” nostalgia and sing “I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can’t deny…”

Ok I hope that made you laugh a little but on this episode I tried to go a little deeper into roadblocks and things we tell ourselves when we are going to launch something new and for many that’s an upcoming NFT project.
First off…
Imposture syndrome is real
Failure is scary and hurts more than most like to admit
We love slow-burn NFT projects as a collector but nobody sets out hoping their NFT project doesn’t sell out.
There’s no perfect time or perfect way or perfect plan for NFT success.
Now that we got those things out of the way I feel this episode will speak to so many of US who struggle to PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON which is normal and ok but by us not pressing the damn button we are robbing the world around us of our greatness.
SO listen to this episode…
Take notes…
Be inspired…
But more so than anything else PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON!
As always: DO YOU OWN DAMN RESEARCH and we hope you enjoy coming on this Mint 365 journey as we buy an NFT every day for 365 days: https://www.nft365podcast.com/mint365
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The NFT365 Podcast is Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo.

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