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This is the NFT GANG to join (Next Bluechip?)

On this episode of 60 Mints, an NFT News Show, we discuss the Caked Apes being removed from OpenSea due to a DMCA Strike, supporting Ukraine journalism with NFTs, and two new NFT projects to watch — Gutter Cat Gang Clones and Dour Darcels.

Plus, a Solana NFT created to fund Ukrainian journalism and explaining the Bruce Brown meme in the Top Shot community.

~~~ On this show ~~~
0:00 – Caked Apes Removed from OpenSea, Lawsuit Pending?
1:50 – Zeneca’s NFT Class: How to Launch an NFT Project
2:45 – Ukraine NFT Project with VAULT to Support Ukrainian Journalism
4:00 – The Top Shot Bruce Brown meme
5:10 – Christian Petroni NFT Pizza Party
6:15 – Dour Darcels NFT Project Drop
8:10 – Gutter Cats Gang Juice Vials Mint
10:15 – NFT Bear Market Advice

~~~ Sources ~~~
See the Dour Darcels collection 👉 https://momentranks.com/eth/collection/dourdarcels

Caked Apes fighting a DMCA claim on OpenSea 👉 https://nftevening.com/caked-apes-aim-to-fight-back-after-their-nfts-are-delisted-by-opensea/

Zeneca’s NFT Project Class 👉 https://twitter.com/Zeneca_33/status/1499506273225777152?s=20&t=0W0PjV1MQrY_r7PjdGsxYg

Solana NFTs to fundraise for Ukraine journalism 👉https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/ukrainian-media-companies-launch-joint-fundraiser-with-nft-creator-platform-vault-to-help-fund-reporting/article_2578dc26-4ffb-5ec1-ad20-dd2fbe3eb4be.html

Christian Petroni Edible NFT 👉 https://medium.com/cryptocomnft/celebrity-chef-christian-petroni-invites-nft-collectors-to-dinner-2e4d89e5cae9
Join us on 60 Mints every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for the latest NFT news, drops, and market updates from across the world of NFTs.

🎙 Hosted by Justin Perri: https://twitter.com/JustinPerri8
🎙 Co-hosted and produced by Seth Anderson: https://twitter.com/sethisanderson
Created by MomentRanks: https://twitter.com/MomentRanks

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