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STEPN App Review | Get Paid Crypto To Walk | A Beginners Guide | Is STEPN Worth It?

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Check out this STEPN app review.
Start earning crypto from walking, jogging and running.
Is stepn worth it?

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Okley Dokley Tech Hustler here in today’s YouTube video we will be reviewing the stepn app. With the stepn app you can get paid to walk, jog and run. You will earn gst green sotoshi token and you can swap that for gmt solana or usdc. You can earn a good amount of crypto but in order to earn you must buy an nft sneaker. The sneakers are very expensive, there are many levels and they will need repairs after every run. The price of gst and gmt have been hitting all time highs and they have also just been listed on coinbase. This game can be very technical. I highly recommend you do your own research before trying. There are many attributes to these shoes that can affect your earning. Below are some links to other review videos as well as to the stepn litepaper. Happy earnings, peace.

STEPN Guides

STEPN Litepaper

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Video Disclosure
*This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor, This video is for educational purposes only.

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*I am not a financial advisor, all my videos are for education purposes. This is what I do and I do not recommend anyone else do anything because they watched one of my YouTube videos.
Because these apps work for me does not mean they will for you. With most paying apps the are many variables to consider if the application is not working for you. First and foremost is the date. The date this app is filmed the application is working fine, but anything could happen in the future. The application could change it’s terms of service, stop paying or even disappear. You are never guaranteed to get paid. But as for now and the date of this video the app is working for me. Other than the date, your location, phone, phone service provider & more are to be considered if the app is not working for you. Now that we got that out the way. Happy Earnings!!! Peace

0:00 STEPN Introduction
1:45 Tech Hustler Introduction
2:30 STEPN Overview
3:30 Sponsored Ad
4:16 Is STEPN Worth IT
5:00 Disclaimer
7:55 STEPN App
8:35 STEPN Team
9:36 How to paly STEPN
13:15 Will I play STEPN?

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