On Tuesday evening March 13th, 2018 the EPRCC met with the Mayor and  council members for our first meeting of 2018.

Mayor Caramagna stressed that he is committed to helping local businesses, our conversations centered on this Mayor and Council wanting to work directly with the Chamber of Commerce to help promote and grow business in Elmwood Park.

Mayor Caramagna has personally visited several businesses to ask what they need, most recently he visited Pierre & Michel Authentic French Bakery.  They have been in discussion about allowing a few tables and chairs outside the bakery which the Mayor says he is working on.  He has also been to McCrum’s Bakery to see how business is doing since his relocation on Market St, and is currently posting pictures and comments on his Facebook page in regards to the businesses that he has visited.

Most recently Bob Colon (Bioreference Labs), President of the Chamber of Commerce, has been discussing parking issues with the Mayor and Council. CIro Brigante of Ciro’s Hair Salon asked Bob if he could bring up the possibility of lining parking spaces on Market Street to maximize parking along the curb,  Mayor Caramagna and Councilwoman Lorraine Pelligrine listened and agreed to discuss at the next Council work meeting. Mayor Caramagna suggested that Chamber members attend a future work meeting to discuss these items and more.  The date for the work meeting will be announced as soon as it can be put on their schedule.

Our next regular meeting will be Tuesday April 10th, 2018.  Mayor Caramagna & council members will attend to continue the conversation. We have also invited the chief of Police, Michael Foligno and are hoping to invite the Fire Chief Bill Shadwell also. 

If you know of a business that has questions or concerns, the meeting is a great place to speak up and have questions addressed