Date: 6-12-18

Meeting open: 6:00pm

The chamber of commerce met with Police Chief Foligno and Councilwoman Pellegrine to discuss what the police department can do for our businesses in town. 

The first concern brought up was the cross walk on Mola Boulevard by the Fire Department.  In the area of that cross walk there will also be a new bus stop soon.  The police department is waiting on approval to put in permanent signs with flashing lights to make it safer and more pedestrian friendly.  On that same note we discussed further safety projects in town.  4 way stop signs have been installed on all elm street intersections.  They are now installing them on Speidel Avenue.  This should help with safety and traffic concerns near the schools.

We continued the conversation about increased parking on Market Street.  The council will meet this Thursday to discuss and hopefully vote on line painting for parallel parking.  This should increase available spots with little to no interruption.

Please be aware that construction will begin on the Corner of Market & Mola Boulevard in July.  The Police department is working hard to minimize disruption to businesses.  The proposal from the construction company planned to close Mola Boulevard from Palsa Ave to Van Riper and Market Street from Brookside ave to Pine St.  The Police Department refused to approve the request because it would be too disruptive to businesses.

A municipal planning Company, Topology, has been hired by the town.  The town will be working with them for future projects such as the PILOT program discussed at the April meeting.

Additional parking access was discussed for Market St.  Bob Colon, President of the Chamber suggested moving the sidewalk on Market Street by the Borough Field.  It would cause the least amount of disruption to people. The sidewalk could be moved back and the street could be widened enough to allow for angle parking along that area.  It would help family members attending practices and games at the field.  It would relieve parking congestion on Pine Street during games and classes at “Gotta Dance”.

The police department would like to send out rules for parking in the winter.  This would be in notice sent out by mail in the fall.

Business Safety was discussed.  Chief Foligno would like to let businesses know that the police department is developing a flyer that can be posted in retail businesses regarding fraudulent checks and counterfeit money.  The Flyer would alert patrons to the risk of prosecution for such activities.

The police department wants to connect with the community and businesses.  Foot patrols are being considered for Commercial areas in town. The police department works with 7-11 for community outreach.  The local 7-11 stores offer “slushy” coupons that  police officers can give to children as rewards or even just conversation starters.  The chief makes himself available as much as possible.  He truly cares about this town.  His motto is “ what can we do to be better today?”

Our November September, October & November meetings were discussed.

We hope our September meeting will be pasta night at the Elks with a guest speaker form the Bergen county sheriff’s dept.  This will be a fundraiser for the Elks and will be open to all Bergen county Chambers of Commerce.  We have reach out to the Elks Lodge and waiting for a response.  If we can work together, they would like to make it a scholarship fundraiser.  It will be a great opportunity to meet and mingle with new businesses.

Councilwoman Balistrieri has been nominated to chair a “Stigma Free” committee for Elmwood Park.  The council is looking for a chamber member as a business liaison. The fisrt meeting should be the week of July 9th. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Sandy balistrieiri at [email protected]

For our October meeting we would like to do a small taste of Elmwood Park at M & M Liquors.  We are looking for 5 to 7 vendors to participate.

For our November meeting we would like to present a safety for Businesses night.  The police department as well as several security and technology companies will present ways to keep you business safe and secure.  The police department will provide no cost, free assessments of your business and property.  They can suggest ways to keep things safe and secure.

Final note:  National Night Out is August 7th.  Chief Foligno hopes everyone can come out and enjoy.
Meeting closed: 7:00pm