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Mosaic NFT by Real Nifty and Matt Vegh

A Unique Physical + Digital Mosaic NFT drop from Real Nifty and Matt Vegh.

Visit the drop page: https://www.realnifty.xyz/mosaic-nft-drop for more details and to join our Discord!

Step 1:

Matt Vegh has already hand-crafted 1,250 individual pieces of 3×3 cm physical fine art, called “Tiles”…

Each Tile is unique and cannot be copied or replicated. Matt Vegh painstakingly creates each Tile using a proprietary process, starting with the painting of an original abstract work of art using a palette knife only and consisting of oil and metallic acrylics on canvas.

Step 2:

He has also created digital NFT versions of each Tile, which you can mint on the drop date.
Each NFT is named by Matt Vegh and will feature details and attributes to help you understand the art that you’ve purchased.

Step 3:

For every 9 tile NFTs you purchase, you will have the option to form them into a combined digital mosaic NFT in the order of your choosing, allowing you to be part of the creative process.
We call this the “crystallization” process. This feature goes live a week after the collection drops.

Step 4:
Physical Fusion

Matt Vegh then “fuses” the 9 corresponding physical tiles into your unique design, creating an intricate mosaic work of art just for you.
He then numbers, signs, and stamps each artwork for authenticity. It is then shipped, free of charge, to you in a special presentation box which he also curates. You now own matching digital AND physical works of fine art…

Metaverse Roadmap:

Mosaics and the Metaverse

Matt Vegh and his son Nate Vegh are creating a Metaverse world called ‘The Confluence’. You will be able to trade in 9 Mosaic NFTs for a building within this metaverse. Check out the Real Nifty website for more details.

Gamification of NFTs

Nate Vegh is in the creative industry himself, being an expert coder and game designer. Nate is working on an Aztec style game where NFT mosaic tiles can be used as rewards, gifts, and transactions within the game. Owners of mosaic NFTs from this drop will be able to use these tiles within the game. More details to follow.

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