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How to Play Town Star – Complete Starter Guide! (Play to Earn Crypto NFT Game Townstar Gas Tutorial)

This complete beginners guide to Town Star will explain how to create a farm, build gas production and scale up profitably! 🎁 Make a free Gala Games account to play Town Star using my referral link! https://gala.fan/8Yrgv1UMt
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0:00 Town Star Guide – Introduction – Welcome!
1:55 STEP 1: Create a Gala Games account to play Townstar
2:14 STEP 2: Click games tab & select PLAY TOWN STAR
2:24 May Mayhem is paying $1Million Dollar in GALA!
3:18 STEP 3: Select a location for your town near a city!
4:08 Town Star’s NFT items and blockchain aspect EXPALINED
6:13 How to sell things in Town Star to make money & points
8:16 Townstar Strategy we’re doing today is a sugar rush!
9:07 How to passively auto-water crops in Town Star IMPORTANT
10:47 How to build in Townstar, expand your farm & pay workers
14:15 How to develop raw crops into better products to sell in Town Star
18:38 How to notice and correct inefficiencies to scale efficiently
19:55 How buildings block wind in Town Star passive building effect 1
21:43 Why it’s worth rushing to a tier 2 product in Town Star
22:49 Townstar problem solving tips, continued expansion
25:40 Second passive buildings effects in Townstar: shade
26:01 Town Star tips and tricks and continued expansion
53:04 How to build Town Star gasoline production
1:07:17 Important thing to remember about Townstar gas buildings
1:08:17 Next step: Build powerplants to streamline gas
1:16:22 The end game: scaling into cake sales in Town Star!
1:18:30 Outro – Thumbs up and Subscribe! Thanks for watching!

This how to play Townstar gas guide will explain how to build a town, how to construct Town Star gasoline production and will show you a great town star strategy!
Town Star GUIDE info! DEVELOPER: Gala Games PLATFORM: Browser GENRE Town and Farm Simulation Description: 600 million people have played town and farming games, but who’s the best? Town Star will find out! Create a productive town and see how you fare against our emerging global champions! Learn more: https://gala.fan/8Yrgv1UMt

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🎡 Music By Josh Freeman
πŸŽ₯ Edited By Nate Browatzke
🎨 Intro Art By Juan Casini – https://www.behance.net/juancasini
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Thanks so much for watching this blockchain gaming Townstar gameplay video!

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