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Furballs NFT Will 300x By 2022 (Age of Empires Creator Is Behind This)

The crypto bear market is here, it’s time to get greedy and find the best projects possible to ape into.

My goal with this video is #1 predict the future and have bragging rights if I’m correct and #2 show you what quality research actually looks like

I have looked at over 200 NFT projects the past month, I’ve fomo’d into garbage, I’ve fallen for shills and spineless marketing tactics. I’ve been burned over and over and I have finally been baptized through this hell.

You literally need to sift through hundreds of projects till you find a winner. I didn’t arrive at this conviction simply by watching Alex Becker rant about an NFT or coin. I’ve seen and bought into hundreds of poopy projects to finally understand the difference between good and bad.

In regards to Furballs, I did days worth of in-depth research to arrive at my conclusion.

I want to encourage you to be super skeptical. Be skeptical of all the new coins and nfts launching. Be skeptical of me. Do your own damn research and learn how to fish if you truly want to get ahead of the herd, following influencers won’t give you that much of an advantage.

The truth is there is no alpha, no one really knows anything. Trust yourself.


00:00 Intro & Market Analysis
08:35 Furballs Report

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