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Dope Wars Game Guide DOPE NFT and HUSTLER GUIDE

4/27 use claim gear option instead of initiate hustler when sending layer one DOPE to layer 2. Indexer and api issues still being sorted, this will give you more flexibility. Expect delays in hustlers /items showing up on main dopewars site, especially naked hustlers.

4/24 Update Check text guide to use contract directly to see if Paper is claimed on Dope if youre curious. Most other functions are working properly now, but some delays are occuring on items showing up in inventory. Check text guide for other workarounds if needed. You should be able to equip/ unequip. Naked hustlers may take a while to show up on Quixotic. Monorepo can be used to do actions on free mint hustlers that havent shown up on main site yet.


0:39 Mint a naked hustler on optimism
Mint a hustler link ( 4/18) not showing naked hustlers in quixotic after a fresh mint at the moment.
Naked hustler mint contract location
-connect to optimism mainnet in metamask wallet
-connect to web 3 button with metamask wallet
-select 3 field mint to
-enter eth your eth receiving address in to field in data field enter 0x
-then click write
1:23 quixotic.io connect wallet to site to see naked hustler show up in your nft inventory
1:55 dope wars gear
2:56 equip to naked hustler -4/20 You can now equip without worry. It always worked, it was just if you could see it beyond the monorepo.
3:11 you can equip naked hustlers fine now. it always worked just a question if you could see it back then.

3:18 OG (original gangsters) hustlers vs regular hustlers and naked hustlers (regular hustlers that arent equipped with any gear)
3:50 OG unique traits and benefits
4:03 item slots (equip unequip capability)
4:35 Dope Wars NFTS DOPES
5:08 Bundled DOPE NFT(unclaimed gear, unopened) – if purchased, the gear in the NFT can be transferred to your layer 2 wallet
vs unbundled DOPE NFT (claimed gear, opened) – Purchase of this DOPE nft gives you voting rights in the DAO and possible other benefits in the future, but the items listed in the NFT will not be sent to your layer 2 wallet.
6:15 how to buy a bundled (unclaimed nft) with items you can transfer to layer 2.
6:58 how unbundled (claimed ) DOPE nft’s show up in swapmeet on dopewars.gg
7:33 mint hustler button all in one (not operational at the moment)
8:00 another way to verify DOPE nft is bundled (has gear to claim)
Dope check
Go to
Click Field 2. isOpened, enter Gear number. If hitting Query button shows false – DOPE NFT can purchased and you recieve gear items from that DOPE NFT that can be transffered to your layer 2 wallet.
8:35 double check Dope NFT before purchase for us paranoid types
9:00 if getting please connect to Ethereum and already connected to Ethereum, close Quixotic and other websites that may be connected to other chains (Metamask bug).
09:20 claim gear vs initiate hustler button options
10:11 Paying 6,250 paper and Eth gas fee on layer 1 to transfer gear items to layer 2. Takes around 15 to 16 minutes on average.
11:18 Click on image of hustler, not customize or flex, to bring up unequip gear options (remove feature)
11:30 Unequip items from hustler
12:00 Getting what you’re after –
– issues with making offers vs buy it now
Paper buying, bridging, and other things guide here https://medium.com/@JDog1776/dope-wars-dope-nft-hustler-and-paper-buying-guide-for-dope-nfts-and-hustlers-34326381ed9b

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