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Meet our Officers

  • Bob Colon

    Bob Colon

  • Chief Michael Foligno

    Chief Michael Foligno

    Board of Director
  • Chuck Soos

    Chuck Soos

    Board of Director
  • Det. Chris Liptak

    Det. Chris Liptak

    Board of Director
  • Donna Valicenti

    Donna Valicenti

    Board of Director
  • Joe Dombrowski

    Joe Dombrowski

    Board of Director
  • Lorraine Pellegrine

    Lorraine Pellegrine

    Board of Director
  • Elizabeth Miazga

    Elizabeth Miazga

  • Richard Trawinski

    Richard Trawinski

    Board of Director
  • John Gazzani

    John Gazzani

    Board of Director
  • Jessica Brazier

    Jessica Brazier

  • Margaret Hochkeppel

    Margaret Hochkeppel

    Vice President
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